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Lambeth Hospital 

Lambeth Hospital 

Lambeth Hospital 

Lambeth Hospital 

The Future of the Lambeth Hospital Site

In contrast to some other NHS Trusts in the country, most of our hospital buildings are old and in poor condition. Around 60 per cent were built over 30 years ago. To ensure the safety and quality of our mental health services for the people and communities we serve, there is an urgent need to improve our facilities. We want people using our services to continue receiving world class mental health care and treatment. There is little money available to make the improvements needed. We therefore need to use the proceeds from our surplus estate at Lambeth Hospital to invest back into our other current and future hospital and community facilities.

This will also help meet the need for more local homes. Our plans, include over 500 new homes - more than half of the developments will be affordable housing, and a new community space. These new homes will help those on Lambeth Council’s social waiting lists. 

(Lambeth Hospital Redevelopment - Architect's image)

The redeveloped New Douglas Bennett House will house most of the Lambeth Hospital wards and services, following extensive consultations with staff, commissioners and local people. CAMHS inpatient and outpatient services will move into the new Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People. Both buildings will provide better purpose-designed facilities for patients' care and recovery and for our staff. 

The redevelopment of Lambeth Hospital is an important step in our vision to transform our inpatient facilities and create buildings fit to deliver world class mental health care in the 21st century - modernised, high quality, inpatient and community facilities.

In December 2021, Lambeth Council gave the green light for our plans, but we recognise there are sensitivities around the use of surplus NHS land. This is why we are actively looking at ways we can retain an interest in the site for the long term, while securing the essential capital we need to fund the development of vital new facilities for patients and service users. Ongoing discussions with service users, staff and partner organisations will support the moves, which are expected to take place in 2023.

For further information, you can; 

  • In February 2021 we held the 'Lambeth Listens' events, two online events for the public where we shared further information around proposals for the Lambeth Hospital site Find out more.
  • Watch a short video about our plans below.